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REBOL Community

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This is a community for those interested in REBOL, one of the nicest programming languages around. Feel free to post anything related to REBOL here.

A few links...

REBOL Homepage: http://www.rebol.com/

REBOL/Core downloads: http://www.rebol.com/platforms.shtml Free.

REBOL/View downloads: http://www.rebol.com/view-platforms.html Free. View adds graphic and GUI support to REBOL and is the download you want for running it on your desktop.

Carl's Blog: The blog of Carl Sassenrath, creator of REBOL.

AltMe: A free, secure, peer-to-peer network of "worlds" built with REBOL.

Rebol Talk Forums: Web-based REBOL message boards.

REBOL.NET: Support site for REBOL developers.

REBOL.ORG: Script library and searchable archive of the official REBOL mailing list.

RIT: REBOL news produced with Vanilla, a REBOL wiki.

In addition to REBOL.ORG's archive of the REBOL mailing list, the following sites provide alternative methods of searching archives of the list...

mail-archive.com: An archive that like the Escribe one has stopped updating due to changes to the mailing list. Provides better searching than Escribe.

Escribe: Not updated since 2003, but at one time all we had.

Compkarori: Up-to-date, but slow due to running on someone's personal server.