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Carl's Blog Alert - REBOL Community
June 23rd, 2006
09:30 pm


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Carl's Blog Alert
Fri, 23 Jun 2006 19:50:49
RebGUI - REBOL/View Graphical User Interface
RebGUI is a good way to build user interfaces in REBOL. If you've not tried it yet, you should.

RebGUI takes many of the best concepts of VID (the visual interface dialect) and provides a useful, smart, clean way to quickly build graphical user interfaces in REBOL.

To see a quick tour of RebGUI click on it in the Demos folder of the REBOL Viewtop or type this URL into your REBOL/View GoTo box (or just DO it in the console):


The above script simply does this:

do http://www.dobeash.com/RebGUI/get-rebgui.r
do view-root/public/www.dobeash.com/RebGUI/tour.r

I should mettion that Ashley and his team at Dobeash Software have done a nice job documenting RebGUI. Here's the main page where you can get started:


RebGUI Home Page


For me, RebGUI is exactly the kind of thing I've wanted to see done in REBOL. Remember, VID was/is a prototype. Back in 2001 I expected VID to be replaced with something better in less than a year. VID had some unique and cool ideas (e.g. dialected interface specification, datatyped property dispatch, extensible), but also more than a few quirks and loose ends.

Some of you have asked, "Is it ok to use RebGUI for my REBOL applications?" I say yes! Use what works best for your needs and requirements. For many types of applications, I think RebGUI is a good choice.

More here: http://www.rebol.net/article/0280.html

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